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The lab is really a breeding ground conceived to satisfy the most varied demands for shapes and materials.

The wide range of machines lends itself to different uses, fully embracing Unoauno’s spirit, a company open to experimentation and research in any field, in the application of highly innovative technologies:


Rapid prototyping FDM
Rapid prototyping Polyjet

Printer 3D project

Thermoforming FM660

Rapid Milling (CNC)

Laser cutting and engraving
Silicone moulds

Rapid prototyping Polyjet



  • Rapid prototyping System which uses an inkjet printing system jetting photopolymers: stratification of resin layers of 16 and 30 micron.
  • Precision(accuracy): 0,1 – 0,3 mm (suitable for production of very detailed features)



  • Wide range of printable materials: FullCure Vero (hard resin), FullCure Tango (rubber from 27 to 95 shore) and Vero Clear (clear-transparent resin)
  • Print mode: High quality, high speed and digital materials (moulding and composite materials)
  • Digital materials:21 types of composite materials created on the spot
  • Double injection process simulation, and look and feel of rubber coated products.


Rapid Prototyping | Interior design | Three-dimensional models | Laser cutting and engraving | Thermoforming