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The lab is really a breeding ground conceived to satisfy the most varied demands for shapes and materials.

The wide range of machines lends itself to different uses, fully embracing Unoauno’s spirit, a company open to experimentation and research in any field, in the application of highly innovative technologies:


Rapid prototyping FDM
Rapid prototyping Polyjet

Printer 3D project

Thermoforming FM660

Rapid Milling (CNC)

Laser cutting and engraving
Silicone moulds

Printer 3D projet



High definition resolution of printing:0,1-0,2% of measurement model

Visijet SR200 material available in three colors

Excellent resolution of surface and details’ definition

This kind of technology is particularly indicated for jewels.

It is used with great results to produce masters in the lost wax processes because this material has the convenient feature of melting between 70° and 80° C degrees.

Rapid Prototyping | Interior design | Three-dimensional models | Laser cutting and engraving | Thermoforming