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The lab is really a breeding ground conceived to satisfy the most varied demands for shapes and materials.

The wide range of machines lends itself to different uses, fully embracing Unoauno’s spirit, a company open to experimentation and research in any field, in the application of highly innovative technologies:


Rapid prototyping FDM
Rapid prototyping Polyjet

Printer 3D project

Thermoforming FM660
Rapid Milling (CNC)

Laser cutting and engraving
Silicone moulds

Rapid Milling (CNC)


The numerical control work bench Epsilon 80 x 125 by Cielle, is a system for cutting and milling for all semi-hard materials: wood, marble, plastic and aluminium.

This instrument is particularly suited for 3D modeling even in large surfaces. The considerable vertical movement of the spindle makes it suitable for processing bulk materials, while maintaining the stereometric precision required.

The milling machine uses the Gibbs CAM system that allows to perform contouring, drilling, tapping, boring and milling of pockets with an unlimited number of islands.

It also creates artistic tests and engravings, works multiple and sinuous surfaces and solid models, fully reconstructing the three-dimensional CAD model.

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