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Unoauno offers itself as an interlocutor and partner for those who, professionally or for study, need to create three-dimensional models and high precision prototypes.

Our group is composed by experienced architects and interior designers specialized in designing the spaces you live in, such as apartments, houses, shops and public places.



Sets and fittings
Interior design


Interior design

Unoauno - Progettazione Project: Unoauno

La progettazione come logica di approccio alla trasformazione, dove il punto centrale è l’uomo, inteso come protagonista dello spazio che occupa e degli oggetti che usa.

Design, intended as a policy approach to transformation, focusing on man, seen as the protagonist of the space he occupies and the objects he uses.

- Interior architecture

Interior designing conceived not only for a functional distribution of space, but also to integrate the design’s “visual language”, making it the direct manifestation of who is living it. That’s why there’s an essential cooperation with the customer, with whom there is a constant exchange of views, in order to realize a place in which spaces, furniture, lights and materials are conceived to make a unique environment.

- Interior design:

Design and production of exclusive items, suitable to characterize the environment, according to the needs and personalities of those who use it habitually: furnishing accessories designed to enhance a space’s aesthetics and function.

Rapid Prototyping | Interior design | Three-dimensional models | Laser cutting and engraving | Thermoforming