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Unoauno offers itself as an interlocutor and partner for those who, professionally or for study, need to create three-dimensional models and high precision prototypes.

Our group is composed by experienced architects and interior designers specialized in designing the spaces you live in, such as apartments, houses, shops and public places.


Sets and fittings
Interior design



 ADR project

Unoauno produces three-dimensional models in various scales and materials able to meet all the needs of the market, such as volumetric plans, planning details, buildings, apartments, shops and furniture.

Representation model:

for the conclusion of a project, to participate in contests or tenders, for presentations, exhibitions or openings in general. The realization is very accurate and the materials’ choice enhances the design process.

Study model:

it’s essential for design verification because it helps, along with the drawings, to understand spaces and proportion of forms. Since elasticity is required to make changes as the project evolves, the choice of the models’ materials depends on how easily they can be modified several times.


Rapid Prototyping | Interior design | Three-dimensional models | Laser cutting and engraving | Thermoforming